Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Barbara McMullen – Petroleum Geologist

Petroleum Geologist and Business Analyst with ten years experience at BP Exploration. Extensive background in designing, planning, and implementing appraisal and development programs, drilling operations, reservoir characterization, surveillance, and economic analyses for North Slope reservoirs including Kuparuk, Sag River, Kekiktuk, and Lisburne. Recognized for ability to provide practical and creative solutions, direct drilling operations, handle complex business issues, secure program approval from senior management, and negotiate with industry partners and State of Alaska agencies.


M.S. Tectonics and Sedimentation University of Alaska – Fairbanks 1989

B.S. Geology and Mineralogy The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 1986 Petroleum Geologist


Field Appraisal and Development:

  • Member of a multi-disciplinary team that identified prospects, generated innovative ideas, and implemented appraisal, development, and in-fill drilling programs on new and existing pads for
  • the Kuparuk, Sag River, Lisburne, and Ivishak reservoirs.
  • Designed off-take patterns and aggressive well profiles to tap over 75 million barrels of reserves
  • in the Kuparuk reservoir at Milne Point northwest F and L pads.
  • Selected pad location, designed development, drilled appraisal and development wells, and
  • aided in sanction documentation for Kuparuk and Sag River reservoirs at Milne Point K pad.
  • Identified multiple backup targets for high-risk Kuparuk and Sag River wells.
  • Generated lease sale bid packages for exploration plays peripheral to existing fields.
  • Designed the five well Alapah development at Sag Delta North.

Geologic Drilling Operations:

  • Managed annual drilling programs, with budgets up to $90MM, for over 85 wells at Milne Point, Endicott, and Sag Delta North including a simultaneous two-rig program of 31 wells in 1997.
  • Developed appraisal and development drilling schedules.
  • Coordinated drilling well package input from engineering, geoscience, and commercial, and submitted final package to management for approval.
  • Evaluated and recommended drilling options (i.e. coil tubing, TTD, RDS, and multi-laterals) to management for in-fill drilling programs.
  • Directed geo-steering drilling operations, locally and on-site, working with rig personnel and contractors to reach multiple objectives given well target and budget constraints.
  • Visualized and solved complex 3-D problems encountered in high-angle, horizontal, and inverted wells.
  • Established a quality working relationship with field personnel to ensure deviations from planned drilling profiles were correctly implemented.
  • Commended for significant role in drilling technology advances at Milne Point: high-angle, inverted, and horizontal well designs up to 22,000’ MD.
  • Mentored new geology hires in well-site operations and well planning.
  • Determined logging and testing requirements and observed operations.

Reservoir Description and Surveillance:

  • Monitored and analyzed drilling, production, injection, and surveillance data to determine reservoir potential, identify prospects, and optimize rate while minimizing costs.
  • Examined sand, gas, and fines production problems, in particular with ESP completions, and provided geologic information to engineers to optimize completion designs.
  • Studied drilling risks associated with gas hydrates, gravel, and “breathing”, and provided information to drilling engineers to reduce drilling hazards.
  • Aided in building the Kuparuk C and B sand petrophysical model for Milne Point, and incorporated results into drilling prospect evaluations.
  • Established correlation scheme and mapped Alapah porosity zones, calculated reserves, and documented results for equity discussions.
  • Calculated reserves for well programs, equity issues, participating area expansions, and year-end reporting.
  • Developed, documented, and maintained the Endicott tar and paleontologic databases.

Commercial Planning/Business Analyst:

  • Two corporate acquisitions, requiring comprehensive understanding of international business strategies
  • Annual Business Plan and QPR reports
  • Capital projects and drilling programs, valued up to $100MM.
  • Federal reporting requirements (SMOG and Ceiling Test).
  • Participated in Alaska-wide capital budget ranking exercises to allocate funds to individual Assets.
  • Dealt with complex net profit sharing lease calculations, quality bank litigation, and abandonment, restoration, and DD&A issues.
  • Compiled production forecasts for tanker allocations, determined pipeline nominations, and generated Plan of Development reports for State reporting, which aided in corporate short and long-term strategies for upstream and downstream businesses.
  • Provided technical assistance to Legal, Tax, Volume Accounting, HSE, and State Agencies to identify and provide solutions to asset problems.
  • Prepared and awarded bid package for the Endicott Pipeline Co. Fuel Gas sales.
  • Organized and scheduled meetings, documented minutes, and wrote ballot amendments for Working Interest Owner meetings as the Duck Island Unit and PA Secretary.


Senior Geologist I, Western North Slope, Anchorage, AK (1997 – 1999)
Geologist III and IV, Milne Point, Anchorage, AK, (1994 – 1996)
Business Analyst, Endicott and Sag Delta North, Anchorage, AK (1992 – 1993)
Geologist I and II, Endicott and Sag Delta North, Anchorage, AK (1989 – 1991)
Internship – Ewing Bank 826, Houston, TX, (Summer 1988)



Operation Systems: PC (Windows95, 97, and 98), UNIX, VAX
Software and Geologic Tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Montage, ZMAP, Geolog, XPI, Crystal Ball