Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Barbara VanderWende – Regulatory Compliance Expert

Ms. VanderWende has 39 years experience in the following areas: regulatory compliance, environmental management system development and implementation, permit procurement, environmental studies and incident response planning and response. She has provided a full range of permitting, compliance and environmental studies support during 20 years with ARCO Alaska Inc. and 10 years as a consultant. Ms. VanderWende has extensive field-based regulatory compliance expertise for exploration, production and small refinery operations. She has also designed and implemented site assessment programs for contaminated sites. Barbara was the project manager for design and implementation of a pollution prevention program that received an EPA Evergreen Award, Alaska Green Star recognition, and Environmental Stewardship Award from the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. She has significant experience presenting training in regulatory compliance activities, waste management, pollution prevention, life cycle assessments, wildlife protection, work process assessment, and initial incident response to operations personnel; she also periodically teaches at the University level. Barbara has substantial experience conducting agency and public meetings, and contributing to project design teams.


MS, Water Resource Management & Soil Chemistry, University of Wisconsin

Madison, 1978 BS, Water Science, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, 1974


Regulatory Compliance & Project Planning

• Root cause analysis of health, safety, and environmental incidents for contractor and company personnel associated with oil and gas operations. Root cause analysis as applied to emergency response systems, specific incidents and management systems auditing.

• On-site compliance support for Kuparuk River and Swanson River oil production units.

Responsible for spill response, training, waste management, wildlife encounters, incident investigations, corrective action plans, air, land and NPDES compliance. Responsible for internal clients including camps, woodworking operations, medical facility, seawater treatment plant, production facilities, road maintenance, materials and warehousing, water and wastewater treatment facilities, airport and aircraft maintenance, refinery, and power generation facilities. Managed on-site wildlife, remediation, and environmental studies. Responsible for over-sight of RCRA RFA and CERCLA assessments. Provided technical assistance and project management assistance for product reserve pit remediation activities and CERCLA closure.

• Planning and on-site compliance support for winter exploration activities in remote Alaskan locations. Responsible for incident response, EHS training, waste management, EMS design and implementation, incident investigations, and waste management program. Worked with Drilling Rig Supervisors, Civil Works Supervisors and contractors to identify cost-effective environmental solutions for compliance requirements. Negotiated drill cuttings management solutions.

• On-site compliance support for King Salmon Platform oil production facilities. Responsible for spill response, training, waste management, NPDES compliance support, developing environmental management manuals including standard operating procedures, performing incident investigations and preparing corrective action plans.

• On-site compliance support for Beluga River Field gas production facilities, Responsible for spill response, training, waste management, EMS design and implementation, contractor oversight for groundwater remediation project, due diligence activities, incident investigations, corrective action plans and developing and implementing a waste management program. Responsible for internal clients groups from camps, production facilities, road and pads maintenance activities, materials and warehousing, and airport maintenance.


• Project manager for largest exploration reserve pit and site closure project in Alaska.

Developed and implemented project plan to close 115 reserve pits statewide. Developed cost- effective method to assess sites, prepare closure and remediation plans and to implement remediation projects including negotiating site-specific clean-up levels. Facilitated database.

• conceptual fate and transport model development for chromium contamination associated with an electroplating facility. Mentored graduate students with project-specific research projects.

• Technical Field Specialist, Remediation of Soil Contaminated with gas from improperly installed knock-out drum. Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Identification of contamination source and field support oversight for remediation of gas leak from knock-out drum piping in a tank battery.

• Project Manager. Sag C Mine Site Rehabilitation on North Slope, Alaska. Gravel borrow pit was transformed into over-wintering habitat for fish including littoral zones.

• Project Manager, Lisburne Environmental Impact Statement for offshore gravel island. Primary concern was cumulative impacts of gravel structures on international migrating fish populations.

• Senior Analyst, waste profiling, PCB analysis, water and wastewater compliance testing, EPA priority pollutant analysis, fuel contamination of drinking and ground water, quality assurance and quality control program development, organic finger-printing for PCBs, PAHs, pesticides and herbicides.


• Associate Certificate, EHS Regulations and Pollution Prevention, Government Institutes, 1992

• Project Management, Institute for Professional Education, Inc. 1999

• Environmental Planning, University of Alaska – Anchorage, 1988

• ISO 14000 Standards, Management Overview, 1996

• Learn-To-Return Field Survival Skills, 2003

• Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, Haz Mat Team Member, 1991-97

• Incident Command Systems, spill volume estimating & planning section duties, 1989-2010

• Risk-Based Corrective Action 1997

• Professional Project Management, 1999