Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Brian O’Fallon – Geologist

With 19 years wellsite experience in 11 states, the Gulf of Mexico, and one well in offshore Belize, Mr. O’Fallon is comfortable in new and varied geological environments, and has been utilized and often requested for exploration “wildcat” wells as well as development. His most recent experience includes six years in Alaska, working wells for numerous operators including ConocoPhillips, Marathon, British Petroleum, Pioneer, Unocal, Forest Oil, and Aurora. Effectively utilizes electric logs and nuclear logs for interpretation. Communicates effectively with service company personnel, operators, drilling engineers, geologists, and well planners.


Completed Graduate Courses in Photogeology and Petroleum Geology, 1982

Bachelor of Science, Geological Engineering (with emphasis on Petroleum Geology), Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, 1979



Senior Logging Geologist

  • Wellsite mudlogging and drilling dynamics, providing geological formation evaluation and continuous gas sampling plotted on computer generated mudlogs, as well as drilling and well control data acquisition and monitoring of essential drilling parameters such as gas units, pit volumes, flow rate, pump rate, pump pressure, rpm, torque, hookload, weight on bit, rates of penetration, and block speed. Works closely with contractor personnel, service company personnel, and operator representatives providing data and interpretation of critical formation, pore pressure, and hydrocarbon changes. Extensive and varied experience including wellsite work in the North Slope, Cook Inlet, and Kenai Peninsula of Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, southern Louisianna, eastern and southern Texas, Piceance Creek in Colorado, and offshore Belize.


Lead Technician

  • Field and lab technician providing analysis of hydrocarbon contaminants in soil, for the purpose of geochemical evaluation of oil and gas prospects, or the determination of environmental contamination of property. Acquired core samples in the field up to 40 feet below the surface, located and mapped on a predetermined array, and performed various tests for hydrocarbon analysis on samples in the lab.

1985 – 1991: G.E.O. CORPORATION

Senior Logging Geologist

  • Wellsite mudlogging and consulting providing geological formation evaluation and continuous gas sampling, typed and leroy drafted mudlogs on milar, oil and gas show evaluations, core descriptions, core point determinations, casing point determinations, and drill stem test determinations. Extensive and varied experience including wellsite work in the Hugoton Embayment and Salinas Basin in Kansas, West Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, North Dakota, Montana, and New Mexico.

1982 – 1985: PETRO AMERICAN

Staff Geologist

  • Prospect evaluation and generation focusing on Mid-Continent, Texas, and Rocky Mountain Regions. Evaluated prospects for the purpose of participating in oil and gas drilling ventures. Provided detailed mapping of Gove County and the Forest City Basin of Kansas, and Okfuskee, Seminole, and Okmulgee Counties in Oklahoma. Maintained memberships and regularly attended meetings in Kansas Geological Society and Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists.