Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Chantal Walsh- Petroleum Engineer

Ms. Walsh has over 30 years of professional experience in the Alaska petroleum industry, with a diverse background in drilling coordination, completions, production optimization, wellwork operations, litigation, commercial analysis and strategic fieldwide studies. Chantal has experience optimizing and evaluating production programs to maximize overall recovery and profitability. She has most recently worked as a consultant to BP as a Reservoir Engineer working Northern Tier fields of the North Slope Area.


Jan 2016 – Current: Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska/BP  –  Consulting Senior Reservoir Engineer

  • Commercial analysis of Cook Inlet properties
  • Oversite and input on North Slope abandonment wells.

Feb 2011 – Current: Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska/BP – Senior Reservoir Engineer – Northern Tier Fields / Prudhoe Bay
• Reservoir engineering for Point McIntyre, Lisburne, and Niakuk fields.
• Responsible for implementation of MI, water and gas injection for the individual fields to maximize offtake.
• Assess economic benefit and evaluate project opportunities to enhance production.
• Evaluate, recommend and implement pilot studies for the various fields.

Feb 2009 – Jan 2011: Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska/Chevron – Senior Petroleum Engineer
• Reserves analysis and reservoir engineering for numerous Chevron Cook Inlet gas/oil properties including: Ivan River, Stump Lake, Pretty Creek, Lewis River, Happy Valley, Swanson River and Ninilchik.
• Project identification for eline, coil and rig activities to increase gas and oil production.
• Technical coordinator for Chevron Gas Storage injection and production from existing gas storage reservoirs: Swanson River Tyonek 77-3 sand, Swanson River Tyonek 64-5 sand and Pretty Creek Beluga 51-5 sand.
• Project manager for Ivan River Gas Storage Project. Identified optimal reservoir for storage, ran commercial evaluation of project, coordinated DNR and AOGCC permitting, presented technical testimony for AOGCC hearing and achieved internal and external project sanctioning. Project to be completed in August 2011.

June 2005 – Feb 2009: Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska/Chevron – Senior Petroleum Engineer

• Workover/completions designs for Chevron’s onshore and platform properties
• Program development for eline, coil and rig activities for oil and gas production
Identification and procedure development for plug and abandon wells
• Drilling engineer for the drilling of a gas storage well and a gas production well.

Dec 2004 – May 2005: Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska/Unocal – Senior Petroleum Engineer
• Reservoir Analysis of Gas Storage Potential in Unocal Cook Inlet gas properties
• Evaluated numerous reservoirs on the basis of containment, permeability/flow potential and depletion mechanisms to assess the feasibility of gas storage.

May 2002 – Nov 2004: Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska – Senior Petroleum Engineer
• Commercial assessment of Cook Inlet gas properties
• Evaluated production data trends for various Alaskan oil and gas production units.

June 1999 – April 2002: BP Exploration – Senior Operations/Analytical Engineer – Prudhoe Bay
• Commercial evaluation of new drilling opportunities for PBU Satellite Development
• Forecast benefits and implemented strategies for production associated with development of five major PBU satellite fields
• Secured partner approval for $80mm Pressure Support Initiative (PSI) as operator’s lead operations engineer. Analyzed reservoir and production impacts associated with hydrate formation, injector well spacing, and reservoir thief zones.
• Assessed well work opportunities for development of Putt River Formation. Calculated oil-in-place, reservoir extent and well work alternatives.

Oct 1997 – June 1999: Arco Alaska, Inc., Anchorage AK – Senior Operations/Analytical Engineer – Prudhoe Bay
• Coordinated Coil Tubing Drilling candidates for the Gravity Drainage group. Worked with Geology, Reservoir Engineering, and Drilling, to prepare technical drilling packages. Responsible for interacting with co-owners to obtain financial approval for drilling.
• Researched and recommended a fracture stimulation program for the Sag River formation
• Developed and implemented a ‘Backside Squeeze’ procedure for a chemical tubing repair process. Gained approval from the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Committee to implement this novel procedure. Identified future candidates and evaluated the economic impact on Prudhoe Bay’s Capital Budget.
• Member of a Prudhoe Bay Unit team to enhance the Workover Evaluation Tracking System
• Analyzed production and reservoir parameters to ascertain the root cause of tubing corrosion in the Gravity Drainage area of Prudhoe. Integrated geochemical analysis, corrosion engineering, and reservoir parameters to further study.

June 1994 – March 1997: Alaska Petrotechnical Resources, Inc, Anchorage AK – Litigation Support Manager – BP Exploration Law Dept.
• Coached, developed and provided performance management for a litigation support staff of 55 employees. Rationalized diverse staffing requirements for several concurrent projects.
• Prepared and implemented the litigation support budget. Ensured the litigation capabilities were leveraged while maintaining high quality litigation support at a cost well below the outside market.
• Provided technical and research support on the engineering aspects of the Alaska North Slope Natural Gas Royalty Litigation, Tax Litigation, NGL Litigation and Alaska State Agency disputes.
• Acted as the primary coordinator of the litigation staff with attorneys, engineers, economists, and managers. Facilitated the support of BPXA’s technical team in furtherance of the company’s legal objectives.
• Provided input and leadership in a range of departmental issues. Actively coordinated the formulation and development of law department initiatives and recommendations to the BPXA Asset and Service departments.

Aug 1991 – Feb 1994: BP Exploration, Anchorage, AK – Operations Engineer – Prudhoe Bay
• Monitored the daily performance of 65 production wells and 3 gas injectors for the Eileen West End reservoir of Prudhoe Bay
• Analyzed and recommended surveillance logs (production logs, neutron logs, pressure surveys, etc.) to monitor field performance
• Analyzed production, geological, and reservoir data to establish remedial well work options
• Prepared programs for rig workovers, coiled tubing workovers, fracture stimulation, scale inhibition treatments, sidetrack drilling and other mechanical well intervention
• Evaluated and recommended the replacement of the Eileen West End production. Worked production issues and reservoir stimulation programs to mitigate the erosion effects on corroded portions of the line.

July 1989 – August 1991: BP Exploration, Anchorage AK – Engineer – Fieldwide Analysis, Prudhoe Bay
• Commercially analyzed the benefits due to well work activity at Prudhoe Bay Oil Field
• Forecast future benefits for completed well workovers and stimulations
• Assessed and recommended strategies for a fieldwide well work budget of $200MM
• Analyzed well work activities by area and job type to assess the benefits to fieldwide development at Prudhoe
• Interacted with Arco and Exxon to accomplish unit approval for the use of the computer-based well work evaluation system, WETS.

Dec 1985 – Oct 1988: Standard Alaska Production Company – Engineer – Reservoir Surveillance, Prudhoe Bay
• Computed and assessed Additional Recovery Benefits for planned wellsites
• Performed economic evaluation for proposed well locations
• Coordinated geoscience, surveillance engineering and economic input for management approval of development drilling candidates in the Prudhoe Bay Field
• Responsible for the computer analysis and interpretation of Well Log data for the Prudhoe Bay Gas Monitoring program
• Analyzed structural geologic data in support of reservoir description
• Coordinated the planning and distribution of the Cased Hole DataBase.

• Strong commercial evaluation background
• Good working knowledge of well work, drilling, reservoir and production operations
• Strategic planning skills
• Strong multi-platform computer skills
• Strong written and oral communication skills

Fluent in French