Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

David B. Stearns – Wellsite Geologist


1969 M.S. Degree, Petroleum Geology, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, University of London, England.

1966 B.S. Degree, Geology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.


1998-present: Geologist FAIRWEATHER E & P, Anchorage, AK

  • Fairweather is a master service contractor to BPX, Alaska. Geosteered wells in the viscous oil accumulations at Orion and Polaris fields in the Ugnu and West Sak formations and the deeper light oil Kuparuk Formation pools at Aurora and Borealis Fields. Also involved in numerous sidetracks in Prudhoe Bay field including Sag River and Ivishak horizontal producers.

1993-1997: Consulting Geologist BP Exploration, Alaska, Anchorage, AK

  • Wellsite consulting in Prudhoe Bay Field, North Slope, Alaska and on numerous high profile exploration wells including Yukon Gold and Sourdough, adjacent to ANWR and two Trailblazer wildcats in the NPRA. Since 1994, have been responsible for supervision and geo-steering on horizontal sidetracks, multi-laterals, conventional grass root wells, injectors and coil-tubing sidetracks. Geo-steered record setting BPX, R-18b, completed for 10,000 BOPD. Wrote Visual Basic and basic CAD programs for geosteering and digital sample logs. Used microscope with a triocular camera attachment, photographed cuttings and submitted reports for numerous exploration and development wells.

Applied Geoscience, Inc., Boulder, CO

  • Responsible for stratigraphic correlations, subsurface mapping, and petrophysical analyses for the Williston Basin Red River Formation study that was delivered to numerous oil industry clients in 1998. The study was the first new approach to the problematic Red River Formation in several decades and helped explain production anomalies, bypassed oil in compartmentalized reservoirs and multiple oil-water contacts through detailed core examination, petrography, sequence stratigraphy, petrophysics and local hydrodynamics.

Samedan Oil Corporation, Denver, CO

  • Worked on regional log correlations and stratigraphic studies in the Williston Basin, North Dakota. Developed techniques for quantifying and risking fractured Mississippian Lodgepole reservoir prospects. Completed several local field studies for purposes of infill development drilling.

United Resource Technology, Inc., Denver, CO

  • Part of a team that purchased the Mississippian North Antler Field in North Dakota for horizontal waterflood enhancement and resale. Advised President on scientific and technical aspects of project and developed a successful marketing program.
  • Helped design strategy to develop and market fractured Niobrara prospects in NW Colorado and Wyoming using high-angle and horizontal drilling techniques.
  • Developed proposal for Minnelusa tertiary recovery project in the Powder River Basin using concept of alkaline-surfactant-polymer injection. Entered bids on prospective fields meeting enhanced recovery criteria.

Coyote Geologic Services, Boulder, CO

  • Responsible for correlations, log analysis, database management and subsurface mapping for karsted Ellenburger Formation study in the Val Verde Basin, west Texas. Wrote several major chapters of the final report, which was delivered, to 10 major oil industry clients. Presenter of results to clients.
  • Part of 1991-92 team that conducted detailed core descriptions of wells in Prudhoe Bay Field for the BP Alaska RAZOR project.

1989-91: RPI INTERNATIONAL, INC., Boulder, CO

Project Manager

  • Managed Illinois Basin study. Responsible for sequence stratigraphic evaluation of the St. Peter sandstone. Developed concept and implemented program to evaluate Ordovician source rocks. Supervised Rock-Eval and kinetics lab work and applied results to thermal and burial history reconstructions. Utilized BasinMod© software to model kerogen maturity. Mapped source rock distribution and identified areas of maximum hydrocarbon generative potential. Presented results and delivered study to 11 major oil industry clients
  • Managed RPI’s digital databases. Wrote dBase programs for conversion and customizing of stratigraphic databases and digital log data resulting in better service to clients and facilitation of sales.
  • Provided technical and exploration advisement for several other major client studies (Smackover, Fusselman, Dakota-Moxa Arch).


Williston Basin Manager, Frontier Areas Manager

  • Managed exploration and development program in the Williston Basin with over $1 million annual G&G budgets. Supervised 5 professionals as well as support staff. Responsible for annual budgets, reserve estimates and 5-year plans. Revitalized Williston Basin exploration program. Increased quality prospect and land inventories and added new reserves.
  • As Frontier Manager, completed geological studies of the Sacramento Valley and San Joaquin Basins in California. Managed joint venture operations that resulted in discovery of Panama Lane and Landslide Fields.

1979-81: SOHIO PETROLEUM CO., San Francisco, CA

Sr. Geologist-Appraisals Group

  • Responsible for exploration appraisal of the Opon Anticline in the middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia. Developed shallow Mugrosa Formation exploration strategy. Was part of the negotiation team that successfully developed a work program with the national oil company Ecopetrol, in Bogota, Colombia. Presented results to corporate management in Cleveland.
  • Analyzed the Lisburne Formation of the North Slope, Alaska for the Beaufort Sea lease sale.

1971-79: TENNECO OIL CO., Denver, Houston, The Hague, Netherlands, and Madrid, Spain

Sr. Exploration Geologist

  • As a member of the International Projects Group, seismically mapped and evaluated the Norwegian North Sea for bidding rounds. Managed outside operated partnerships and was liaison for joint operations with Unocal in the UK North Sea. Appraised prospect submittals in Thailand, Gabon and South China Sea.
  • Lead exploration geologist for Tenneco, Netherlands. Our team made the first Carboniferous gas discovery in the Dutch North Sea. Managed scouting activities and handled government relations pertaining to exploration and appraisal drilling operations.
  • Special assignments to Tenneco Espana in Madrid, Spain to supervise onshore drilling program and to Pau, France to analyze offshore Libyan acreage tracts offered by Elf-Aquataine.
  • Exploration geologist for the Bighorn and Uinta Basins and Wyoming Thrust Belt.

1969-71: GULF OIL CO., Jackson, MS


  • Generated Smackover prospects using subsurface well data, seismic, and potential field data.

1966-67: TEXAS PETROLEUM CO., Bogota, Colombia

Field Geologist

  • Led surface geological field parties in remote jungle areas of the middle Magdalena Valley. Survived numerous encounters with Fer-de-Lance and Bushmaster snakes, malaria mosquitoes, tarantulas, scorpions, ferocious biting ants, and the notorious, locally feared “Pita” bug. Overturned our rafts on a river crossing and consumed monkey meat for several days until rescued. Work contributed to wildcat drilling program.


Canter, K.L., Stearns, D.B., Geesaman, R.C., and Wilson, J.L., Paleostructural and Related Paleokarst Controls on Reservoir Development in the Lower Ordovician Ellenburger Group, Val Verde Basin, Texas.