Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

David L Boyer – Petroleum Geologist

 Thirty eight years of development and exploration geologic and applied drilling experience in both the oil and gas and coal industries.  Exploration prospect generation resulted in large Wyoming overthrust gas (2TCF), North Slope extension development oil discoveries, and a successful flowing oil well in Umiat field (03/14), after previous failed attempt in Winter,  2013.  Skilled in the integration of geologic and engineering data with extensive horizontal well drilling and planning expertise.  Planned or geosteered (onsite) wells in nearly all Alaskan North Slope fields including:  Alpine, Prudhoe Bay, Kuparuk, Milne Point (light and viscous oil), West Sak (viscous oil), Niakuk, Point McIntyre, Endicott, Lisburne, Badami, North Star, North Prudhoe, West Beach, Aurora/Borealis, Tabasco, and Umiat.  Spent eleven years (two stints) in Lisburne carbonate reservoir description and full-field modeling on multidisciplinary teams (ARCO & BP).  Revised reservoir description for new Pt. McIntyre full-field model.  Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.


Recent  Experience  (last 12 years)

07/15 – 11/15 Geosteered horizontal wells in the Schrader reservoir at Milne Point L-Pad for Hilcorp through PRA (3 well program with Nordic 3 rig).


06/13 – 02/19/15 Petroleum Geologist, Linc Energy Operations, Inc. (Australian independent)


Staff geologist for exploration/development of Umiat field in NPRA for Linc Energy.  Responsible for proposing and planning wells, supervising extensive geologic and engineering core studies at Weatherford Labs (Houston), hiring and supervising subsurface consultants (petrophysics, geophysics, modeling), developing the reservoir description for the Umiat full-field model, and reporting to federal and state agencies. The Umiat 23H well was the first horizontal well drilled at Umiat utilizing an Alpine field-proven design and tested at 800 BOPD.  It set a world record for the shallowest horizontal well at 4200’ MD.  Linc is seeking a working interest partner or buyer for the Umiat asset due to the high capitalization costs.


11/04 – 06/13   Senior Staff Geologist, Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska (PRA)/ASRC Energy Services


Geological consultant under contract to BP Exploration in the Greater Pt. McIntyre (GPMA) and Lisburne/Sag River Teams.  Planned successful wells in Pt. McIntyre for coiled-tubing (unconformity wedge) and rotary drilling field extension and waterflood opportunities.  Handled state reporting and Participating Area extensions and exceptions for several fields.  Revised reservoir description for Pt. McIntrye and Lisburne fields.  Used Geolog and Landmark geologic software.


Worked on sequence stratigraphic team with carbonate research experts from ExxonMobil (Houston) for new Wahoo reservoir description.  Included Lisburne (Wahoo Fm.) entire N. Slope Regional Study and petrographic evaluation (thin sections) of Lisburne cored wells.  Skilled in obtaining approvals from Working Interest Owners for proposed wells, major projects, and state reporting.


On Prudhoe Bay Gravity Drainage Team, produced a Slope-wide study of the Sadlerochit reservoir along with a regional look at the Sag River and Shublik lower perm targets.


2003 – 11/2004                                       Senior Staff Geologist, ASRC Energy Services, E & P Technology

Provided geologic oversight and geosteering expertise for horizontal wells in ConocoPhillips’ Alpine and BP Exploration’s Greater Prudhoe Bay North Slope fields.   Worked specialized Alaskan development projects in the ASRC office

for various clients and provided wellsite geologic supervision on North Slope exploration wells.


2002 – 2003; 1999 – 2000                      Principal Wellsite Geologist, Petrotechnical Resources of AK (PRA)

Geosteered horizontal wells at ConocoPhillips’ Alpine, Kuparuk, and West Sak fields.  Provided geologic wellsite supervision and geosteering expertise at BP Exploration’s Prudhoe Bay, Pt. McIntyre, Niakuk, Badami, and Milne Point fields.


2001                                                        Staff Operations Geologist for BP Exploration Milne Point Field, PRA

Planned and designed multilateral horizontal and Extended Reach Development (ERD) wells for both the Viscous Oil and Light Oil Milne Point Teams in the BP office in Anchorage.  Handled daily well operations and relationships with contractors and wellsite personnel.  Planned initial four delineation wells for new S-Pad viscous oil development.  Received BP Upstream Innovation Award for successful coil-tubing drilling program which set several North Slope drilling-footage records for the coil group.


10/97 – 1998                                           Staff Operations Geologist for BP Exploration Niakuk and Prudhoe Bay

                                                                 Satellites Fields, PRA

Planned Extended Reach Development (ERD) wells for Niakuk field and satellite prospects (conventional wells) in western Prudhoe Bay including V-200 ice pad, M-Pad Schrader prospects, and Eider/Molson wells in BP Exploration office in Anchorage.  Tracked Pt. McIntyre and Niakuk drilling operations and costs daily.  Coordinated operations with six partners and internal permitting, cartography, and drilling groups for six-month government approval process of new gravel V-Pad Schrader development   Invited to participate in BP Peer Reviews of Niakuk ERD, Northstar and Beluga drilling programs.


1993 – 1997                                             Wellsite Area Geologist, Shared Services Drilling, BP Exploration (AK)

Petroleum geological wellsite consultant on contract for BP Exploration.  Geosteered numerous Alaskan North Slope wells in Prudhoe Bay, Niakuk, Endicott, Pt. McIntyre, and Badami fields.  Further specialized in new, start-up coil-tubing drilling technology for horizontal sidetracks in Prudhoe Bay for both BP Exploration and ARCO Alaska.  Also, focused on extended-reach drilling in the Niakuk field, setting several North Slope drilling and coring records.  Supervised mud logging, wireline logging, sample catching, coring, and MWD/LWD personnel onsite to collect, quality-check, and distribute data per the operator’s specifications.


1984 – 1993                                             Petroleum Extension/Reservoir Development/Exploration Senior

                                                                 Geologist, ARCO Alaska, Inc., Anchorage, AK

1991 –1993 Petroleum Extension Development:  Developed prospects close to existing North Slope fields for Federal and State lease sales resulting in several ARCO-acquired tracts.  Teamed up with geophysicist to evaluate 3-D seismic and well data.  Resulted in an oil discovery  north of Prudhoe Bay field (N. Prudhoe Bay State No. 3).


Experience continued…

1985 –1991 Petroleum Reservoir Development (Lisburne Carbonate Field):  Worked on a team with reservoir and operations engineers to develop a reservoir description closely tied to production data for modeling the field.  Model was based on the integration of carbonate diagenetic data (petrographic analyses) with engineering and Formation Micro-Scanner (FMS) log data.  Resulted in increased field productivity by optimizing the most permeable,    fractured reservoir “flow units.”

1984 – 1985 Petroleum Exploration (Alaskan North Slope Exploration Task Force):  Worked as a carbonate specialist on a task force charged with delineating new exploration trends across the entire North Slope.


1980 – 1984                                         Petroleum Exploration Senior Geologist/Geologist, ARCO     

                                                                  Exploration/ARCO Oil and Gas Companies, Denver, CO

Generated prospects in the northern Wyoming Overthrust Belt.  Successful in having two “major stakes” ($30MM/each) wells drilled, resulting in a 2TCF gas discovery in a deep Madison carbonate objective.  Worked on a multidisciplinary drilling task force to design wells for the complex, overthrust geologic environment and supervised several geologists.

1978 – 1980                                        Coal Exploration/Development Geologist, ARCO Coal Co., Denver, CO

Responsible for the generation, exploratory drilling, evaluation, and subsequent development of deep-mineable and in-situ coal gasification prospects in the Denver, Illinois, and Black Warrior Basins.


1977                                                    Geologist Intern, Shell Development Co. (Bellaire Research) Houston,  TX

Worked on Wyoming subbituminous and Illinois bituminous coal petrography

research projects.  Resulted in better predictability of coal quality for a large

Wyoming surface mine and Illinois basin deep coal mine from the mapping of

variability in coal maceral content.


1976                                                      Geologist Intern for Pennsylvania Geologic Survey, Harrisburg, PA

Worked in Environmental Geology Division on water well inventory project.    Assisted engineering geologist in the field, delineating and mapping geologic hazards for a York County survey publication.

Areas of Expertise

¨       Petroleum Reservoir Development Geology

¨       Horizontal Well Planning and Drilling

¨       Petroleum Operations and Wellsite Geology

¨       Carbonate / Clastic Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Petrography

¨       Coal Development Geology and Petrography

¨       Structural Geology


¨       Master of Science in Geology, 1979, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL

¨      Bachelor of Arts in Geology, 1976, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA