Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Evan K Harness – Well Site Leader

46 years in the Drilling Industry – 40 years in Oil and Gas – Worked up through the ranks working Land Rigs and Platforms in California- Pushed Tools on Rigs working through out California – Hired by Union Oil of California as Drilling Foreman in 1981- Worked as Drilling Foreman on Land biased operations throughout California with experience drilling Steam enhanced producers, High Pressure Gas, Development and Exploration Oil in both remote and high density locations – Platforms off of California with both Slant Rig Drilling and Extended Reach Drilling – Alaska operations both Land and Platform in the Cook Inlet Basin – Drill Ship operations in Alaska’s Beaufort Sea – Exploration wells off of a Board Island on the North Slope – Jackup operations in the southern sector of the North Sea – Deepwater GOM with Semi & Drillship Operations worked in water depths up to 9,700‘ – The only Drilling Superintendent for Unocal in Alaska for 3years – Promotion to Sr. Drilling Superintendent when Unocal was acquired by Chevron – 5years as Sr. Drilling Superintendent for Chevron – Cook Inlet Basin operations – Exploration Wells on the North Slope of Alaska – Established Harness Services LLC to provide Supervision for Drilling operations in 2010 – Worked in North Dakota Drilling Bakken Horizontals – Worked from August 2010 to March 2011 for Hess – Worked for Oxy from March of 2011 to June 2012 – In May of 2011 Oxy took over operations in the Russian Creek area with 6 Rigs running the Rig count increased to 16 over the corse of 8 months for the Start up and for the first 5 months of operation I worked as the only Superintendent – In May of 2012 I took the opportunity to work with Apache in Alaska as Drilling Superintendent for Apache’s Alaska operations – Apache mobilized a Rig from North Dakota for a 13,000’ well on the West side of the Cook Inlet about 5 Miles South of the Village of Tyonek across the winter months of 2012 / 2013 – I was directly responsible for the Logistics and Drilling operations under the supervision of Houston based Drilling manager – Drilling of the well proved to be difficult indeed which required additional management of logistics and drilling operations – Worked for Apache to close out the temporary cuttings storage and plan the abandonment – Hired by Cook Inlet Energy as Drilling Superintendent in October of 2013 – Worked as Drilling Superintendent with 3 Rigs Running into the start of winter & 2 Rigs running across the Winter Months of 2013 / 2014 – One Platform Rig on a 18,000’ well – One Land Based Rig operating Remote Operations on the West Side of Cook Inlet for a 4 well Drilling Program with a High Departure 17,000’ Well – Two Rig Operation with Workovers and Coil Operations on demand Throughout the 2014 year with a Exploration well on the West side of Cook Inlet in the Beluga area – Demobed a 16,000’ Rig from Beluga back to the lower 48 barging to OSK where the Rig could be loaded on a Heavy Lift Barge – Mobilized for a High Pressure Frac on the Osprey Platform – Mobilized for 10,000’ Development Gas Wells in the Anchorpoint area of Alaska – Achieved the Best in Field Drilling Curve on the first well and Reduced the time on the second well by 5 days – Worked for Cook Inlet Energy through May 18th 2015 – July threw the first part of October 2015 I worked as DSM for Oxy in the Midland area drilling Sprayberry laterals in the 18 to 20k MD range – December to April 2016 I spent working for Cruz Construction as Rig Support Manager providing Rig Support for the Caelus Smith Bay Exploration Project – November & December of 2016 I Worked for PRA (Petrotechnical Resources Alaska) Providing Drillsite Supervision to Ahtna Drilling a Exploration Well Close to Glenallen Alaska


EMPLOYED BY PETROTECHNICAL RESOURCE ALASKA AS DRILL SITE MANAGER NOVEMBER THROUGH DECEMBER 2016 Provided Drillsite Supervision to Ahtna Corporation Exploration Drilling Close to Glenallen Alaska

EMPLOYED BY CRUZ CONSTRUCTION AS RIG SUPPORT MANAGER DECEMBER THROUGH APRIL 2016 Provided Rig support Management for the Smith Bay Exploration Project

HARNESS SERVICES LLC ( SINGLE PERSON LLC ) JULY TO OCTOBER 2015 Spot Jobs for Hilcorp in the Cook Inlet – Contracted to Oxy as DSM in the Midland area

HARNESS SERVICES LLC ( SINGLE PERSON LLC ) OCT 2013 TO MAY 2015 Contracted to Cook Inlet Energy LLC working in Alaska as Drilling Superintendent

HARNESS SERVICES LLC ( SINGLE PERSON LLC ) MAY 2012 TO OCT 2013 Contracted to Apache Corporation working in Alaska as Drilling Superintendent

HARNESS SERVICES LLC ( SINGLE PERSON LLC ) MARCH 2011 TO MAY 2012 Contracted to Oxy working North Dakota Drilling operations as Drilling Superintendent & Field Drilling Superintendent

HARNESS SERVICES LLC ( SINGLE PERSON LLC ) AUGUST 2010 TO MARCH 2011 Contracted to Hess working North Dakota Drilling operations as on site Drill Site Supervisor

SR. DRILLING SUPERINTENDENT FOR CHEVRON CORPORATION 2005 TO AUGUST 2010 Platform and Land based Drilling / Workover programs both in Cook Inlet Basin & the North Slope of Alaska

E VA N H A R N E S S Fully engaged in Chevron’s push for Operational Excellence which address Safety, Health, Environment, efficiency and reliability

DRILLING SUPERINTENDENT FOR UNOCAL 2002 TO 2005 Worked to apply learnings from other operations to increase the ability of Unocal’s Anchorage based Drilling Department to execute cost effective operations

Worked with Service Providers to develop a fully committed work force to improve the safety performance by using a teamwork approach

SR. DRILL SITE MANAGER FOR UNOCAL 1999 TO 2002 Assignments to Unocal’s Deepwater Operations followed by a transfer back to Alaska

DRILL SITE MANAGER FOR UNOCAL 1981 TO 1999 Varied assignments both domestic and overseas generally focussed on Offshore operations

Experience with Small Land Rigs, Large Land Rigs, Platform Rigs, Jack Up Rigs, Semi-Submersible, Drill Ship – moved to Alaska in 1989

WORKED FOR DRILLING CONTRACTOR 1976 TO 1981 Gained experience in all positions on Land based and Platform operations. worked 2 years as Toolpusher

WORKED IN FAMILY OWNED DRILLING SERVICE 1970 TO 1976 irrigation wells, Domestic water wells, Assessment work for the mining industry, Air Hammer and foam drilling, Core Drilling