Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Garnet Knopp – Geologist


Bachelor of Science Geology, with Distinction, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, 2004
Bachelor of Science Geophysics, with Distinction, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, 2004
• Experience with GeoGraphix, Compass, Techlog and OpenWorks
• Strong mathematical and problem-solving skills
• Industry training and field courses (Fluids class, DST
• Analysis, Sequence Stratigraphy and more)
Relevant courses:
Well Logging, Geophysical Processing, Facies Analysis, Advanced Structural Geology, Seismic
Interpretation, Petroleum Geology
Achievements and Scholarships:
Dean’s List standing, 1999 through 2003, Donald C. Burtt Scholarship, A+ in Advanced Structural
Geology, Jason Lang Scholarship, A+ in Geophysical Interpretation, BP Canada Scholarship in Geology,
William Clow Prize (geologic mapping), Devon Canada Corporation Scholarship


Mudlogging Geologist

2016 – Present Nabors Drilling Solutions (Canrig) Cook Inlet, Alaska

  • Currently on rotational position at King Salmon Platform, McArthur River Field, Cook Inlet
  • Collect and analyze lithology of cuttings samples
  • Assist with real-time hydrocarbon monitoring

2015 – Present GeoTek Alaska, Inc. Anchorage, Alaska
· Acquire, process, and interpret GPR and E/M data
· RTK surveying
· Assistance in drilling shallow soil and groundwater
borings for environmental remediation
· Macrocore logging; describing sediment samples to clients
Geology Consultant
2014 – 2015 Cook Inlet Energy, LLC Anchorage, Alaska
· Operations geologist; drilled two directional wells in North Fork gas field
· Identified bypassed pay in North Fork, Redoubt, and
West McArthur River fields, adding hundreds of BOPD
· Combined LWD triple combo, dipole sonic, and mudlog data to
estimate gas pay, channel geometry, and gas/water contacts
· Devised strategies for reducing drilling costs by 30-40%
· Recommended target zones for hydraulic fracturing
2012 – 2014 BP Alaska Anchorage, Alaska
· Led geologic effort to enhance base production from Prudhoe Bay and
Northern Tier satellite fields (Point McIntyre, Lisburne and Endicott fields)
· Identified bypassed pay which boosted Endicott Field production by 20%
· Generated numerous prospects in PBU East Waterflood, Lisburne,
and Endicott fields. First prospect drilled & achieved 2100 BOPD initial rate
· Operations geology and geosteering on complex horizontal wells
· Well and sidetrack planning, including kickoff point selection, lost circulation mitigation, minimizing dogleg severity and optimizing wellbore
geometry to best recover poorly swept and fault shadow oil
Directional Survey Manager
2010 – 2012 Halliburton (Sperry Drilling Services) Anchorage, Alaska
· Designed directional survey programs for Alaska North Slope wells
· Managed directional survey data acquisition for the purpose
of anticollision and magnetic interference issues
· Assisted E-line gyro crew on the wellsite
Field Geophysicist
2009 – 2010 Aurora Geosciences Limited Various Locations
· Field geophysicist on remote mining surveys in Alaska and Yukon Territory
· Worked on 3D I/P and PROTEM surveys; staked mineral claims
Exploration Geophysicist
2004 – 2009 2D/3D seismic and well log interpretation, net sand/net pay mapping,
velocity modeling, depth conversion, seismic structure/isopach
mapping, amplitude mapping, reserves estimates, prospect identification
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. Anchorage, Alaska
· 3D seismic mapping of Sag River and Ivishak in Niakuk and Point McIntyre
· Regional seismic characterization of Lisburne/Endicott groups across NPR-A
· Mapped formation boundaries, faults, sequence boundaries and max
flooding surfaces; presented drilling recommendations to management
ConocoPhillips Canada (Burlington Resources) Calgary, Alberta
· Mapping of Cretaceous stratigraphic plays in Southern Alberta
· Generated several dozen shallow gas prospects
· Provided geophysical guidance during active drilling operations
University Lab Instructor
2004 Geology and Geophysics Department,
University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta
· Teaching assistant for Geol 313: Crystallography and Optical Mineralogy
· Instructed a class of roughly 40 students on 3D trigonometry, stereonet
use and petrographic microscope use in identifying rock minerals
Geology Summer Student
2003 Marathon Oil Company Anchorage, Alaska
· Core logging which contributed to ongoing petrophysical research
on Sterling and Beluga formation in the Cook Inlet Basin
· Integration of core data and log data of the Sterling/Beluga Formations
Drilling Rig Worker
2001 – 2004; Akita Drilling Ltd. Various locations in Canada
seasonal · Floor hand on rotary drilling rigs in Alberta and NE British Columbia
· Experience includes top-drive and kelly; singles, doubles and triples