Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Gary Pelka – Consulting Geoscientist

Mr. Pelka has 30 years experience in exploration and pre-production appraisal of oil and gas opportunities in northern Alaska, Gulf of Mexico and the western USA. The desire for personal technical involvement in numerous team projects has provided the basis for geological/geophysical interpretational skills in 1) basin analysis applied to both frontier and mature provinces and 2) petrophysical analysis of rock/fluid systems important to evaluation exploration prospect portfolios and resulting appraisal of discoveries for production projects. Because of his extensive experience in multidisciplinary team projects, he has often taken the technical leadership role in projects but always insisted on direct technical participation. Mr. Pelka took advantage of a BP voluntary separation program in order to relocate to northern Nevada to be closer to elderly parents and family. Through consulting he wishes to assist in Alaska and western USA exploration projects


Ph. D. Geology, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1973

B.S. Geology, California State College, Los Angeles, 1968


1990-2002 BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., Anchorage

  • Projects as participant and team lead: Chukchi Sea Shelf, ANWR, NPRA, Central North Slope and offshore Brookian and Beaufortian, Badami appraisal, Brooks Range Foothills preliminary project; Joint Venture Kuparuk satellite prospects
  • Additional duties/accomplishments: Lease sale bid strategy and coordinator 1995-2002; Produced an integrated prospect inventory for exploration and production satellites; BP wellsite supervisor on Badami-4 and -5, Yukon Gold -1,and Amethyst 11; Technical advisor for appraisal of Pt. Thomson Liberty, and Northstar; Initiated and gained BP approval of DOE Hydrate Project; Played lead role in gaining peer review and management approval for BP participation in drilling several Kuparuk satellite prospects including the Palm discovery well.

1987-1990 BP Exploration, Houston

  • Lead Geologist for Gulf of Mexico exploration group during BP’s entry into the deep-water GOM province.
  • Participate in and direct GOM projects involving geochemistry, biostratigraphy and field analog studies in support of the exploration program

1984-1987 Sohio Petroleum Co., San Francisco, Dallas, Houston

  • Performed a variety of technical leadership roles (Regional Geologist, Division Geologist and Geological Manager) for groups involved in Alaska/California and western USA exploration. (Consolidation of Sohio’s offices and operations led to BP takeover in 1987.)

1980-1984 Sohio Petroleum Co., San Francisco

  • Participate in and lead teams to produce initial reservoir descriptions and appraisal plans for various satellite discoveries in the Prudhoe and Kuparuk area including the Endicott Field, PBU Lisburne and KRU shallow sands. Participated in evaluation of California producing properties for acquisition/divestiture decisions. Also participated in PBU equity determination by leading the multicompany taskforce on fluid (gas, oil, tar, water) contacts determination and mapping.

1973-1980 Amoco Production Company, Denver and Tulsa

  • Various exploration projects/prospect generation in the Williston Basin, Big Horn Basin, Idaho/Wyoming Thrust Belt, and North Slope of Alaska
  • One year assignment to Amoco’s Tulsa research center for petrophysical training program and project defining the stratigraphic (pore-throat) trapping mechanism of a carboniferous carbonate field in the Williston Basin.