Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Holly Fair – Petroleum Geoscientist

  • Experienced appraisal, development & production geoscientist with 10 years of oil & gas industry experience in Alaska working light oil, viscous oil & carbonates in multiple reservoirs.
  • Wide range of expertise including well log interpretation, depth prediction, reservoir characterization, play type analysis, target acquisition, risk & uncertainty analysis, 3D & 4D seismic interpretation, 3D structural & geo-cellular modeling, reserves estimation & volumetrics, depletion planning, integration of seismic attributes with well log data to predict reservoir presence & quality, rock properties, AVO & quantitative geophysics, operations, geo-steering, & pore pressure prediction. Additional experience in permitting, environmental impact assessments, incident response management, geo-mechanics, fracture prediction, gravity, magnetics, shallow subsurface hazards, marine acquisitions, programming, project and contractor management, geo-statistical seismic inversions & statistics.
  • Highly motivated, team-oriented technical contributor consistently recognized for high-quality technical work. Strong multi-disciplinary skill set & ability to work outside of discipline. Proven ability to lead projects and people & to coach others to achieve success.
  • Proficient with Landmark, Hampson Russell, RMS, Techlog, Petrel, Geolog, CoVis, ArcGIS, Spotfire, Pro 4D and AVO, RPTK, RocDoc, DSS, Geographix, ZMap, Excel, Access, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Python, Java (Java Struts, J2EE…), PHP, Perl & Unix scripting, asp, .NET, C++, VC++, SPSS & MATLAB


Production/Operations GeoPhysicist – GD Area Team | BP Alaska | Jan 2015 – Jun 2016
Responsible for maximizing production through integration of 3D geologic modeling with well log & production data to identify well work potential, infill targets & new periphery prospects. Also responsible for depth prediction, overburden hazard analysis, well planning, pore pressure prediction, lost circulation analysis, risk assessment, operations geology & geo-steering. Active as a technical coach for junior staff including geologists & geophysicists.

  • Worked in a multi-disciplinary team to add more than 8 million bbls of reserves annually & to de-risk & deliver 16 new prospects, 15 well packages, 20 well work packages & the geo-operations of 15 wells, both grass roots & sidetracks using both rotary & coil tubing technologies.
  • Helped deliver BP’s highest-rate Ivishak producer drilled in 2015, BP’s longest Zone 1A lateral in Prudhoe Bay & creative well designs to optimize in-situ lift on pads with no gas lift facilities.
  • Conducted subsurface structure & fluids analysis to de-risk 3-4 MMB of OIP in an untapped up-structure block which was  drilled successfully confirming subsurface most likely case.
  • Worked collaboratively with the seismic delivery team on processing, velocity model construction & tomography interpretations for the new North Prudhoe ISS (Independent Simultaneous Source) seismic survey, incorporating interpretations of early volumes into drilling operations to identify periphery reserves & to reduce drilling failures by almost 10% & NPT (non productive time) due to subsurface issues by another 8%.
  • Active member of BP’s Incident Response Management Team. Worked on re-write of Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Team’s (SCAT) operations manual. Organized drills and trainings and was deployed as SCAT logistics manager in Houma Louisiana during BP’s Macondo spill response.

Reservoir MAnagement Geophysicst – Lisburne & SAG Team | BP Alaska | Jan 2014 – Jan 2015
Responsible for resource assessment & re-development scenarios to optimize recovery of the Lisburne reserves (~ 2 bbo in place). Key member of subsurface team building new 3D reservoir model for highly fractured type 2 Lisburne carbonate, identifying prospects for greenfield re-development, conducting economic analysis & target ranking, modeling & predicting fracture networks, pad level pore pressure analysis. Helped implement a 6-well pilot redevelopment program in collaboration with working interest partners. Technical coach to junior geophysical staff.

  • Developed successful pilot program in the Lisburne carbonate reservoir that led to a larger 12+ well redevelopment program to deliver another 12-20 mmbbo improving the overall recovery factor.
  • Supported Ivishak West End drilling program with seismic attribute work identifying channels in sandstone reservoir to optimize well placement.
  • Worked with SAG & West End new well delivery teams to provide shallow gas hydrate analysis using seismic attributes, overburden risk analysis, pore pressure analysis, well planning & operations support during drilling.

Development Geophysicst – Viscous REServoir MANagement team | BP Alaska | May 2012 – Jan 2014

Responsible for oversight of deterministic & geo-statistical inversion workflows & products, quantitative seismic analysis to predict reservoir presence & characteristics, 3D geologic modeling for the Schrader Bluff viscous reservoir. Also involved in the appraisal & development planning of a new pad & two pad expansions including responsibility for the integrated subsurface description (ISD).

  • Used quantitative seismic analysis to predict reservoir presence & characteristics in the complex, multi-zone Schrader Bluff viscous oil reservoir to optimize the recovery factor.
  • Assisted in the subsurface and economic evaluation of a multi-billion-dollar new pad development.

Geophysicst – GPB Rservoir Management team | BP Alaska | May 2011 – May 2012
Responsible for depletion planning, reserves progression, prospect identification & ranking in support of a successful drilling program of 20-35 wells/year delivering in-year production wedge plus ~3 mmbbl bypassed reserves over the life of the wells. Organized & facilitated partner & stake-holder meetings. Interpretation of pilot 4D seismic survey, play type analysis, 3D reservoir modeling, re-processing of PSDM seismic volumes. Regional CoVis expert & technical geoscience coaching.

Geophysicst – Gravity Drainage & Waterflood AsseT Team | BP Alaska | May 2008 – May 2011
Geophysical support for GD & GDWFI drilling from depletion planning through drilling execution with responsibility for production targets. Responsible for 3D seismic interpretation, velocity modeling, 3D reservoir modeling, & operations geo-science support for ~20+ wells, each costing 2-8 million & adding from 500 to 900 mmbl of reserves. Worked closely with well site geologists & trained on the rig in well site operations. Established competence in well log & sample analysis as well as prospecting with a solid record of production delivery & appropriate subsurface interpretations on a fast-paced schedule. Also contributed to area performance reviews, inter-disciplinary studies & risk analyses. Piloted the use of CoVis for well planning & 3D visualization with good results.

Resource Project Manager, Team Lead & Sr EnVironmental Scientist | HDR Alaska | 2007- 2008
Managed team of scientists & engineers providing permitting, NEPA documentation & environmental impact statements for oil producers in Alaska. Managed marine and offshore projects using shallow subsurface geophysics, Lidar, sonar, seismic, hydrological & geophysical modeling and statistical analysis. Managed project to develop online, geographically-referenced environmental data warehouse for interface with ArcGIS, SPSS & modeling tools for large international mining client.

Owner, Project Manager & Sr Systems Engineer | Data Pilots, Alaska | 2002 – 2006
Provided business systems project management & application development to clients throughout Alaska.
SR Systems Analyst & Marine Cable Advisor | General Communications INC, Alaska
Marine geophysical advisor for subsea cable project. Senior IT systems engineer. Worked in western AK villages – have close ties to rural Alaska.


M.S. Marine Geology & Geophysics – University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

  • Thesis work on Fault Segmentation and Morpho-tectonic Variations along a Slow-Spreading Center
  • Co-principal Investigator on marine geophysical research cruise studying faulting mechanisms and segmentation of MAR
  • National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship
  • Passed the comprehensive exams at the highest possible (PhD) level in both Marine Geology and Geophysics & Physical Oceanography & taught undergrad classes
  • Key member of scientific crew on research cruises in the Arctic, Chukchi, North Pacific and Atlantic.
  • Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, National Dean’s List, University of Washington Yearly High Scholarship, Honors College, Outstanding College Students of America, Golden Key Honor Society, Rowing Club, Mountaineering Club, ski instructor
  • Board Member – Adam’s Camp Alaska (Therapy-based Summer camp for special needs children)
  • VP of the Board – West Anchorage High School Booster club (youth sports and scholarships)
  • Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage – Ski Train Committee, fundraising chair
  • Geophysical Society of Alaska (GSA), Alaska Geologic Society(AGS), Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), American Geophysical Union (AGU)

B.S. Marine Geology & Geophysics – University of Washington, Seattle, WA