Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

John A. Whitney – Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineer with over 35 years varied experience including production and reservoir engineering dealing with onshore, offshore, domestic and international reservoirs and fields. Strong basis in reservoir characterization and simulation.


BS in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Tulsa, 1970


2004 – Present – Petrotechnical Resources Alaska

Contract Senior Reservoir Engineer for Independent and Major Oil Companies

  • reservoir engineering on North Slope fields: reservoir evaluation, reservoir modeling (build and operation), scenario and depletion planning, partner meeting presentations and representation, mentoring
  • reservoir engineer for a team evaluating and then restarting a North Slope field: data integration and evaluation, reservoir modeling (build and operation), presentations, day to day reservoir engineering for field operations
  • development advice for new field development
  • reservoir engineer on team evaluating a new North Slope play.

1966 – 1970 and 1974 – 2004 – Marathon Oil Company

Anchorage, AK 2002 – 2004: Senior Reservoir Engineer

  • built reservoir models (static and dynamic) in collaboration with geoscientists
  • wrote a gas storage scoping study including literature search, study of demand, development of reservoir models to study operation, gathering of data from operations, facility and gas marketing, and economic analysis of various scenarios
  • performed economic evaluation of field and well projects
  • did field reservoir engineering duties in support of operations.

Houston, TX 1998 – 2002: Senior Reservoir Engineer (Technology Organization)

  • constructed static and dynamic models including fields with reverse faulting, fractures and low permeability
  • championed joint industry projects for Marathon in Stanford University’s geostatistic (SCRF) and reservoir modeling (SUPRA-B) consortia. Worked with others from major petroleum companies, government, consultants and software developers.

Senior Reservoir Engineer (3 years Sakhalin II project, Lunskoye Field Team)

  • supervised contractor in building full-field static reservoir model
  • performed data integration leading to working reservoir models (full field and oil rim)
  • operated models to determine development scenarios
  • presented engineering results to international partners and Russian experts/officials both in Houston and Moscow
  • worked with a multi-cultural team in accomplishing broadly acclaimed field development reports and field models.

Littleton, CO 1980 – 1998: Advanced and Senior Reservoir Engineer (Research/Technology Center)

  • wrote in-house technical software
  • developed and taught in-house technical courses
  • constructed and/or operated dynamic reservoir models for fields worldwide including the simulation of Sakhalin II’s Piltun Astokhskoye oil field with development of scenarios
  • assisted in integrated reservoir studies leading to building static reservoir models and taking the data onto dynamic reservoir models.

Lafayette, LA 1976 – 1980: Production Engineer (offshore)

  • designed and supervised gravel packs and coiled tubing workovers
  • designed well completions.

Reservoir Engineer (offshore)

  • determined pay intervals for perforation (using log analysis)
  • calculated reserves using volumetric and decline curve analysis
  • performed economic evaluation and budgeting (including district budget coordinator position).

Shreveport, LA 1974 – 1976: Reservoir Engineer (onshore Arkansas, Louisiana and East Texas)

  • calculation of both company and outside-operated reserves using volumetric and decline curve analysis
  • performed economic evaluation and budgeting

1966 – 1970 Summer Intern: Chickasha, OK, Price, TX, Robinson, IL, Tulsa, OK, Littleton, CO

  • worked as clerk, roustabout, and engineering assistant in district, division and research center offices.


• Platforms: Unix (SGI), Linux, Windows and Macintosh

• Applications: VIP and Eclipse (dynamic reservoir simulation), Stratamodel, GoCad, Roxar RMS (static geologic modeling packages) and the Microsoft Office Suite

• Able to learn new software quickly