Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Jon Konkler – Geophysicist

I am a seasoned geophysicist with 30+ years of experience in oil & gas exploration and development. Geographic areas of expertise are the North Slope of Alaska and Australia/Far East. I have identified prospects and drilled exploration wells in Australia, New Zealand and Alaska. My geophysical mapping has supported extensive development drilling programs for both the Kuparuk and Prudhoe Bay fields. My geophysical interpretation supported the delineation and start-up of the Tabasco field in the Kuparuk unit.

I have successfully lead multi-disciplinary teams on focused projects. I make it a point to recognize expertise and enable others to use their specialties to advance the business. I thoroughly enjoy working with others in a highly technical team environment.  I drive solutions, focusing on safe delivery of value through improved subsurface imaging.

Personal Strengths:

  • Excellent technical and analytical skills, always looking for innovative approaches to problems while sticking to discipline fundamentals
  • Integrate diverse pieces of information to achieve a deeper understanding of geophysics/geology to fit business requirements
  • Communication of technical and business information in an effective manner to diverse groups
  • Drive to meet time and business resource constraints, safely delivering value
  • Committed to safe high performance standards
  • Open-minded in planning for future technology needs, can see the ‘Big Picture’ while maintaining safe value delivery for requirements of today
  • Lead technically diverse teams, capitalizing on strengths of team individuals, listening to develop and share team visions and goals


Senior Geophysicist, BP Alaska, Reservoir Management, Ivishak Water Flood, 05/13 to present:

  • Detailed 3D seismic mapping, integration of seismic, well log and production data to support geophysical attribute studies, strategies for accelerated water flood development and support for building/updating geo-cellular model
  • Develop seismic tools (AVO, 4D) for use in fluid ID for strategic field decisions
  • Support New Wells Delivery in locating drill targets and planning wells
  • Coach/mentor new geophysicists

Senior Geophysicist, BP Alaska, Viscous Oil Renewal Team, 05/10 to 05/13:      

  • Design, build and safely execute geophysical technology plan for safe repeatable, economic and timely subsurface images for reservoir production monitoring of viscous and heavy oil at scale
  • Globally communicate and share ideas on technology and evaluation results
  • Analyze and implement 4D seismic data over the Milne Pt Schrader Bluff field, pass that knowledge to asset teams
  • Coach/mentor geophysicists new to BP Alaska SPU


Fieldwide Geophysicist, BP, Greater Prudhoe Bay Unit (GPB) 10/04 to 05/10:

  • Interact, communicate and influence BP management and GPB co-owners to build a safe long-term seismic strategy for further field development and depletion
  • Develop and support planning/acquisition, processing and interpretation of 3D and 4D projects
  • Detailed 3D seismic mapping, detailed integration of seismic and well log data to support attribute and 4D analysis
  • Communicate geophysical technical issues on a company-wide basis
  • Develop a valuation method to assess seismic data in terms of barrels and resource progression
  • Lead a multi-discipline, multi-company team in the construction of a fieldwide Prudhoe Bay geocellular model, the source for running the new PBU Full Field simulation model
  • Coach/mentor geophysicists new to BP Alaska SPU


Development Geophysicist, ARCO/BP, Prudhoe Bay Unit (3/99 to 10/04):

  • Detailed 3D seismic mapping, detailed integration of seismic and well log data to support well planning and drilling for Gravity Drainage
  • Extensive communication and teamwork with engineers, geologists and other geophysicists to maintain a safe successful drilling program


Development Geophysicist, ARCO Alaska, Kuparuk River Unit (7/94 to 7/97)

  • Detailed structural mapping to support a safe Kuparuk drilling program
  • Development of new 3D seismic program for western KRU extension
  • Developing opportunities for additional production  (Tabasco Field)


Exploration Geophysicist, ARCO, North Slope Alaska (7/91 to 7/94, 7/97 to 3/99):                   

  • Lead evaluation teams on state lease sales, using geophysical technologies such as AVO to efficiently identify, evaluate prospects and drill prospects
  • Ensure ‘modern seismic data’ would be available for Alaska state lease sales


Research Geophysicist, ARCO, Plano TX (10/89 to 7/91

  • Regional seismic interpretation, identifying prospective regional reservoir/source rock trends as part of regional assessment studies, including Northwest Shelf of Australia and Barrow Arch, North Slope of Alaska
  • Team teaching sequence stratigraphic concepts throughout ARCO Oil & Gas Co


Exploration Geophysicist, ARCO International, Los Angeles CA (7/80 to 10/89):        

  • Geophysical evaluation of acreage for lease sales and farm-out opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and other areas of the Far East
  • Develop and drill prospects on held acreage
  • QC of development well plans for the ARCO Northwest Java Sea Contract area
  • Developing ARCO-held acreage on Northwest Shelf of Australia and Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
  • Outlining and executing offshore 2D seismic programs for the generation and evaluation of new and existing prospects


M.S. Geophysics and Geology, University of Kentucky, 1981

B.S. Geology, University of Kentucky, 1977