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Mary Endacott – Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineer with over 25 years experience in oil & gas both domestic and international, on and offshore, drilling/production/reservoir engineering including engineer team and wellsite leadership.  Reliable, organized, even keeled, leader interested in a position that includes leading/mentoring, well construction projects, at a small or mid sized company located in Anchorage, AK. Skills include motivating and developing team; working with cross functional teams; selecting optimal design and coordinating safe, efficient execution.

TECHNICAL SKILLS:  Openwells, Compass, Microsoft Office


BP –  Anchorage, Alaska 2001-2016 

2013 to 2016          Engineering Team Lead, Rotary

Lead a team of up to 9 engineers, all with 7yrs or less experience, up to 3 rotating on the Slope and up to 5 new hires as they support up to 3 rotary drilling rigs.

  • Oversaw team delivery of 18 wells in one year.
  • Managed personnel: dealt with poor performing individuals. Improved team morale and cohesion.
  • Demonstrated improved delivery as Team Lead, consistently meeting or exceeding well count targets and d/10k targets; and backlog targets preparing for 7 rig program.
  • Facilitated creation of team continuous improvement plans and drove progress on the associated project work resulting in increased rig operational Productive time from 54% to 75%.
  • Improved performance and delivery of drilling Sag Proof of Concept wells via encouraging use of new technology.
  • Prepared Financial Memorandum and Area Development Plan for Prudhoe Bay, required working with cross functional teams and estimating cost to drill every developmental well for the next 50 years.


2001 to 2013          Drilling Engineer

  • Evaluated variety of candidate wells on risk, scope and cost.
  • Planned directional well path.
  • Technically reviewed internal Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Prepared well prep and drilling programs, drilling operations for rotary and fast paced coil tubing drilling in Prudhoe Bay.
  • Coordinated bidding and contracts for coil drilling rigs.
  • Mentored new hires.



  Amoco and Phillips Petroleum           

  • Rota Drilling Engineer/Drilling Foreman in TX, LA, GoM and Norway.
  • Completions Engineering in Argentina and GoM.
  • Storage Cavern Workover Engineer in Texas Panhandle
  • Gas Gathering System and Plant Engineer, OK.



BS,   Petroleum Engineering,  University of Tulsa

Spanish Language



  IADC  – WellCap, surface   Last Taken 7/15      Expires 7/17



AADE – President 8/12 – 7/14

SPE – Member

Toastmasters –  Leadership and public speaking club. Administration Manager District 32 7/15-6/16.  Area Governor, achieved Distinguished Area 2013.  President Centerpoint Toastmasters Club, achieved Presidents Distinguished 2014.