Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Matt Brown

30 years of experience working in the petroleum industry as a well intervention engineer, reservoir engineer and production engineer.  Currently specializing in coiled tubing interventions including acid jobs, cement squeezes, milling and fishing for North Slope Alaska fields.  Planned and executed over 100 propped fracture treatments and provided onsite supervision for electric line jobs, coiled tubing and pumping operations at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  Both clastic and carbonate field experience.


2007 – Present:  Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska

2009 – Present:  Well Intervention Engineer – North Slope Alaska

Work with production engineers to generate wellwork procedures for various coiled tubing interventions and pumping jobs and provide engineering support to field supervisors during interventions.  Develop training materials and give classes on acidizing, fracturing, coiled tubing operations and intervention fluids for BP’s Accelerated Development Program for new intervention engineers.

2007 – 2009:  Production Engineer – Cook Inlet, Alaska

Petroleum engineer responsible for infield development for two Cook Inlet, Alaska gas fields.  Performed economics for development wells with sand control completions and ran stochastic RMS model for new well reserve estimates.  Constructed an integrated field model (material balance/wellbore hydraulics/pipelines) for field development of the Beluga River field.

2006 – 2007:  Consultant for International Reservoir Technologies, Inc., Lakewood, Colorado

Production engineer responsible for cased hole log analysis, pressure transient analysis and analyzing production /injection trends for the 6BB Raudhatain  field  and  the 8BB Sabriyah field in Kuwait.  Part of a multidisciplinary team consulting for the Kuwait Oil Company to develop reservoir models for the two fields.


2004 – 2006:  Petrotechnical Resources Of Alaska, LLC

Consultant to various teams at ConocoPhillips, Alaska.  Performed reservoir engineering for exploration prospects on the North Slope of Alaska, including economic evaluation of prospects, analysis of potential field development plans and well test analysis of exploration wells.

Responsible for reviewing hundreds of wells in the 6BB Kuparuk River field and recommending well intervention opportunities.

2000 – 2003:  BP Kuwait

Reservoir/Production engineer for the Raudhatain and Sabriyah fields in north Kuwait.  Responsible for running the newly-initiated waterflood for the Mauddud, Zubair and Upper Burgan reservoirs of the two fields.  Set production and injection targets, developed a waterflood surveillance program and analyzed data gathered.  Developed and implemented a program to drill horizontal wells in both fields.

1984-2000: Arco Alaska

1996-2000: Production Engineer – Lisburne field, Alaska

Identified new drilling candidates for the Lisburne field, performed economic evaluation of candidates, worked with Drilling department on drilling and completion of new wells.  Identified and progressed well interventions and surveillance activities for the field.

1993 – 1996: Production Engineer- Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Ran the east half of the Prudhoe Bay waterflood, consisting of 100 injection wells, both water-only injectors and miscible gas injectors.  Set production and injection targets, performed waterflood material balance and developed injection well intervention programs.

1990-1993: Well Site Leader – Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Supervised hundreds of jobs, including coiled tubing cementing, acidizing, milling and fishing jobs, as well as hydraulic fracture treatments and cased hole logging and perforating.  Responsible for supervision of jobs, onsite HSE and bidding jobs to various service companies

1987-1990:  Intervention Engineer – Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Wrote procedures for and provided onsite engineering support for hundreds of interventions, including hydraulic fracture treatments, acid jobs and coiled tubing cement squeezes.

1984-1987: Production Engineer- Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Production engineer for two Prudhoe Bay Drill Sites.  Developed procedures for well surveillance and interventions