Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Paula Kay – Process Engineer

12 years of Oil and Gas industry experience. Held position of Project Engineer and Lead Process Engineer on projects in Oil and Gas production facility and refineries. Skilled in use of process engineering simulation tools such as HYSYS, Pro-II, Pipesim, Pipesys, and FlareNet etc. Familiar with various PHA tools and requirements such as What-If and HAZOP. Experienced working with operations to provide facility trouble shooting, optimization, and startup support.

Recent experience developing revised BP Alaska Flare and Relief System Verification Project to incorporate BP Global RSP (Relief System Project) guidance and comply with both state and federal regulatory requirements. Facilitating implementation of the revised project.


B.S. Chemical Engineering Washington State University – 8/1987 – 5/1992

Pullman, WA


12/2011 to 10/2012  BP Alaska, Anchorage, AK

Contract Process Engineer in Process and Process Safety Department

  • Contributed to and compiled Flare Studies on three facilities which facilitated BPXA compliance with S&OR Audit Requirements.
  • Currently helping develop revised BP Alaska Flare and Relief System Review Program to incorporate BP Global RSP guidance and comply with both state and federal regulatory requirements.
  • Process Engineer on Team facilitating implementation of the revised Flare and Relief System Verification Project to assist BPXA efforts in meeting state and federal Relief System requirements.

 3/2011 to 11/2011 ASRC Energy Anchorage, AK

  • Conducted Feasibility Study for H2S Nuiqsut Gas System Project
  • Process engineer responsible for conceptual design of drill site and production facility for Brooks Range Inc.
  • Process engineer responsible for development of P&ID and PFD Validation Procedure for ASRC Energy Process Department

1997 to 5/2002 Anvil Incorporated Anchorage, AK

Lead Process Engineer and Project Engineer

Provided project engineering and process engineering support in development of North Slope Alaska production facilities and drill sites, and projects at Valdez refinery as 3rd party contract engineer. Duties include;

  • Provided process engineering for new Drill Site development projects at Kuparuk, expansion projects at Kuparuk Central Process Unit and Drill Sites, and expansion projects at North Pole and Valdez Refinery.
  • Developed steady state process simulations of facilities and pipelines, PFD’s, HMB, P&ID’s, Linelists, equipment and instrument data sheets, and PSV audit files.
  • Performed hydraulic calculations, equipment sizing calculations, and pump and compressor calculations. Facilitated P&ID reviews and PHAs with project team. Coordinated with onsite PSM engineers to ensure Operating Manuals are properly developed.
  • Facilitated Process Hazard Analysis (PHA).

 6/1992 to 7/1997 Anvil Corporation Bellingham, WA

Process engineer for petrochemical complexes and utility support plants in petroleum refineries and pulp and paper plants. Provide process engineering support in projects from conceptual phase to startup. Duties included;

  • Process Engineer responsible for developing project scope and man-hour estimates. Originating and updating process simulation models, PFD’s, P&ID’s, linelists, hydraulic studies, Equipment Specs, Instrument Performance Specs, and Heat and Material Balance. Conducted P&ID reviews with project team. Provide onsite process engineering support for project startup.
  • Stationed at refineries for extended durations to provide Unit engineering support during normal operations. Developed process simulation models of various refinery units (e.g. crude units, cooling water system, boiler water system, flare system, and etc.)
  • Process engineer responsible for assisting Chlorine plant in analyzing and meeting its PSM (Process Safety Management) requirements.