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Ra Eldredge – Geologist

Ra Eldredge has worked for 17 years in the petroleum industry, with experience in planning, production, appraisal and exploration. The bulk of this experience has been on the Alaska North Slope fields, working for BP and PRA, and she has spent three years working for BP in Scotland. This work experience has included the full range from rank exploration (West of Shetlands), mature exploration (North Slope of Alaska and North Sea), regional studies (North Slope), appraisal (Northstar Field), production (Prudhoe Bay Field), well planning and well site geology (Prudhoe Bay Field). Ra is comfortable working either in a team, or independently on projects large or small. She is very experienced in collecting large amounts of geological, geophysical and engineering information, making interpretations, and summarizing data into well written and graphically pleasing reports. Ra took time away from industry to teach while her children were small, and has now returned to work in the oil industry.


M.S., Geology, University of Michigan

B.A., Geology, Bryn Mawr College, magna cum laude, Honors in Geology


2004 to 2013 – TEACHING


Geological Consultant

  • Contracted as Petroleum Geologist to BP Exploration in Anchorage, Alaska, specifically to do Regional Exploration Studies on the Upper Beaufortian Sequence and the Sag River Formation on the North Slope of Alaska. These studies involved compiling geological, geophysical and engineering data for all producing fields, using these data to reduce risk for both appraisal and exploration prospects. The regional study was designed to steer ongoing exploration and appraisal efforts.

1996 to 1999 – BP EXPLORATION, Aberdeen, Scotland

Staff Geologist: 3 years working the North Sea and West of Shetlands.

  • Forties Field – Lead geoscientist working mature exploration around the Forties Field, Central North Sea. Coordinated the shooting and processing of a 250 km2 offshore 3D seismic survey. Interpreted the 3D survey, brought forward drillable prospects, and completed geological oversight for the drilling of a $20million offshore exploration well.
  • Exploration – Completed seismic sequence stratigraphy and AVO analysis in deep water turbidite sediments in the rank exploration area of the White Zone, West of Shetland. Created regional gross depositional environments maps in preparation for acreage applications.

1986 to 1996 – BP EXPLORATION, Anchorage, Alaska

Senior II Geologist: Included 5 ½ years of work in the Prudhoe Bay Field and 4 ½ years in Alaska Exploration and New Developments.

Project Management – Appraisal

  • Lead Geoscientist on the Northstar Project for New Developments, Alaska. Brought project forward from purchase of discovery, through appraisal and peer assist, to sanction. Created all maps for volumetrics and reservoir modeling, and coordinated petrophysical, geophysical and sedimentological efforts. Completed volumetric and risk analyses, and made all presentations to the State, senior management and partners.

Project Management – Exploration

  • Exploration prospect generation on the North Slope, Alaska. This included all aspects of 2D and 3D seismic and geological interpretation and mapping, AVO analysis, volumetric calculations, risk analysis, and Geologic Evaluation Memorandum writing. Concentrated on turbidite stratigraphic traps in the Brookian Play Fairway.
  • Responsible for significant percentage of BP Alaska Exploration’s prospect inventory, including developing, mapping, promoting and drilling individual prospects.
  • Coordinated the Geochemistry Review of the North Slope of Alaska, and co-wrote the documentation.

Project Management – Production

  • Coordinated a project to rationalize the stratigraphy of the North Slope of Alaska, and co-wrote the documentation. This rationalization greatly helped in the building of a world class database (PDB) and allowed better communication between fields and industry partners.
  • Spearheaded parts of database redesign and implementation (PDB).
  • Co-led a project to create a production history of the first 14 years of the Prudhoe Bay Field (25 billion barrels OOIP). This included generating hundreds of maps of fluid movements through time by stratigraphic interval. The purpose of the project was to increase recoverable oil by maximizing and improving waterflood, miscible gas and gas injection plans.
  • Managed project to completely re-describe the Prudhoe Bay Field reservoir (1200 wells and hundreds of maps) and sold product to partners. Presented work at AAPG Australia and in Houston (top poster award).
  • Coordinated all geologic aspects of planning and drilling 50 oil wells (9000 – 16,000 feet) under arctic conditions over a two years period as Prudhoe Bay well site geologist. Well site work included supervising the first high angle, horizontal, and inverted wells in the state of Alaska, and also coincided with the introduction of MWD technology to the industry.


  • Prospect generation in Southeast Anadarko Basin, involving structural and stratigraphic mapping and seismic interpretation.


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