Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Raymond Eastwood Ph.D. – Petrophysicist


PhD, Geology, Physical Chemistry, University of Arizona 1970

M.S., Geology, KansasStateUniversity, 1965

B.S., Physics, Kansas State University, 1962


2004 – Present, Consultant in Petrophysics

Clients: Petro Tel, Inc.; Cotton Valley fm., Prospective Gas Reservoir, India Bureau of Economic Geology/University of Texas, Austin; Deep Shelf Gas Project (2007), Gulf Coast Carbon Center Project (2009), Haynesville Shale Characterization (current) Petrotechnical Resources Alaska; Kuparuk, Sag River, Ivishak open/cased hole petrophysics for BP Alaska, Exploration wells

2000 – 2002, BP Alaska

Senior Petrophysicist; Greater Prudhoe Bay, Satellites


1979 – 1997, R&D (TechnicalCenter) ARCO Oil and Gas Co.

1979-80 Senior Research Geologist, Geological Research

1980-84 Senior Research Geologist, Geophysical Research, Petrophysics of Butte, MT

Cu Porphyry, Wilcox fm. of SE Texas

1984-86 Principal Research Geologist, Geophysical Research

1986-88 Principal Research Geologist, Reservoir Research and Technology,  Prudhoe Bay

Petrophysics – open hole, Cook Inlet

1988-89 Research Associate, Reservoir Research and Technology

1989-97 Senior Principal Research Geologist, Reservoir Research and Technology

Prudhoe Bay Petrophysics – lithology/permeability/cased hole, Neutron Log Interpretation


1970 – 1979 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geology, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ

Taught undergraduate physical geology, mineralogy, petrology, field geology and graduate

geochronology, geochemistry, volcanology.

1968 – 1970 Sr. Research Mineralogist, Geochemical Research Group, Phillips Petroleum Co., Bartlesville, OK


1973        Chairman, Geology Section, ArizonaAcademy of Sciences

1973        Member, Nominating Committee, Rocky Mountain Section, Geol. Soc. America

1974        Chairman, Field Trip Committee, Rocky Mountain Section, Geol. Soc. America Mtg., Flagstaff, AZ

1974        Participant, Penrose Conference on Volcanism and Tectonism of the Southwest U.S.A., Riverside, CA

1978        Member, Outstanding Department on Campus, Northern ArizonaUniv.

1984        Invited Lecturer, SEG Shear Wave Exploration Symposium, Midland, TX

1984        Recipient, AOGC Vice Presidential Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement

1988        Recipient, AOGC, RR&TS Exceptional Contribution Award

1989-91   Member, SPWLA Publications Committee (Technical Editor)

1990-91   Technical Editor, SPE Formation Evaluation

1991        Participant, SPE Forum: Cased Hole Log Evaluation

1998        Instructor: SPE Short Course: Cased Hole Log Evaluation

2007        Technical Coordinator: 48th Annual SPWLA Symposium, Austin, Texas


Eastwood, R. L., 1974, Cenozoic Volcanism and Tectonism of the Southern Colorado Plateau: in Geology of Northern Arizona, Karlstrom and others, Guidebook, Rocky Mtn. Sect. Mtg., Geol. Soc. America, Flagstaff, Ariz., p 236-246.

Castagna, J. P., Batzle, M. L., and Eastwood, R. L., 1985, Relationships between Compressional-Wave and Shear-Wave Velocities in Clastic Silicate Rocks: Geophysics, v. 50, no. 4, p. 571-581.

Eastwood, R. L., and Castagna, J. P., 1986, Interpretation of VP/VS Ratios from Sonic Logs: in Shear-Wave Exploration, S. H. Danbom and S. N. Domenico, Eds., Geophysical Development Series, Vol. 1, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, Tulsa, pp. 138-153.

Liu, S., Copen J., Webster, M., Eastwood, R. and Greet, D., 2009, The Historical Development of Prudhoe Bay Field Petrophysical Models: Trans. SPWLA 50th Annual Logging Symp., III, 11p.