Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

Tania M. Cunningham – Wellsite Geologist

Tania Cunningham has almost 25 years of experience in the Prudhoe Bay/North Slope oil fields, 15 of those working as a wellsite geologist. She has been actively involved in drilling/geo-steering multiple horizontal wells on both coiled tubing and rotary drilling rigs, including grass roots development on L and V-pads (Schrader Bluff multilaterals). More recently, she did exploratory drilling at Mustang-pad for Brooks Range Petroleum and several wells for Hilcorp at Milne Point.


2000-present   Petrotechnical Resources Alaska (PRA):  North Slope, Alaska, Wellsite Geologist

  • Responsible for all aspects of operational geology on both coiled tubing and rotary drilling rigs, working closely with rig and Anchorage teams to meet well objectives
  • Geo-steering of grass roots, conventional and multilateral horizontal wells
  • Sample and core descriptions, coring operations, picking casing points
  • Wireline and LWD logging supervision, stratigraphic correlations
  • On-site training of new wellsite geologists

2000-Present Proactive Diagnostic Services (PDS): Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, Contract Employee

  • Maintenance and calibration of downhole logging tools, including digital calipers
  • Introduction to data processing (caliper and production logging)

2000 Little Red Services, Inc. (Hot Oil): Kuparuk, Alaska. Hot Oil Truck Helper, Contract Employee

  • Field expediting and maintenance of hot oil pump trucks
  • Familiar with well head and facility operational procedures
  • Diagnose and solve well problems (ice plugs, paraffin buildup)
  • Implementation of PPE and environmental standards; work with hazardous materials

2000; 1996-1998; 1991-1995   Petroleum Reservoir Data:  North Slope, Alaska, Senior Field Engineer

Management of North Slope office, responsible for programming, maintaining, calibrating and providing downhole pressure gauges for field-wide use on the North Slope

1991 to 1995 Senior Field Engineer

  • Management of North Slope office, alone, on a two weeks on/off basis
  • Gauge maintenance and calibration
  • Computer work (programming gauges; use of QuattroPro, MSDos, Word Perfect)
  • Work in adverse conditions and remote areas
  • Public relations work with oil company representatives

1995 Terrasat, Inc.:  Anchorage, Alaska, Field Geologist

  • Travel/work in bush communities:  Aniak, McGrath, Naknek
  • Report writing (computer work); daily reports while in the field
  • On-site geologist responsible for sampling, overseeing removal of contaminated soils
  • Mapping in the field; shipment of water and soil samples to lab for analysis

1995 Explosive Disposal Engineering & Technology, Ltd:  Wasilla, Alaska, Intern/Assistant

  • Internship, learning aspects of ordnance and explosive wastes remediation
  • Responsible for all data processing (reports, bids, etc.)
  • Formal course instruction
  • Extensive data processing (reports, bids, etc.), some formal course instruction

1989 to 1990 Combined Metals Reduction Company (CMRC):  Hawthorne, Nevada, Field Geologist

  •  Drill rig geologist, insuring proper sampling procedures; logging holes
  •  Rock chip and soil sampling
  • Geologic mapping, claim staking and surveyor’s assistant
  • Conducted geophysical surveys on CMRC’s properties
  • Computer work (spreadsheets, CAD and word processing with Macintosh computers)
  • Extensive field work including rock chip and soil sampling, geologic mapping, claim staking, surveyor’s assistant, geophysical surveys

1988/1989 Eagle Fern Outdoor School:  Estacada, Oregon, Soil Resource Specialist

  • Development and implementation of educational program for sixth grade students
  • Responsible for training and supervising high school students
  • Participation in various activities related to an outdoor camp/school


Bachelor’s Degree in Geology, 1988, Whitman College  (Walla Walla, WA)

5-week field mapping course, 1988, Albion College (Wyoming, South Dakota)

National Outdoor Leadership School, 1987


1996        Mining & Petroleum Training/Safety (MATPS) Certification (16-hr)

1995        HAZWOPER Certification (40-hr) and Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance (8-hr)