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our consultants

From the North Slope to Cook Inlet, PRA consultants know and understand the regional geology, the unique operating conditions, and the regulatory environment.

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Amundsen John D, Engineer
Baker Frank, Gov. Affairs
Ball Bennett D, Engineer
Bates Pirtle Jr., Engineer
Blake Katie M, Document Control Specialist
Bodnar Dirk A, Geologist
Bond Marc D, Legal Advisor
Braden John C, Engineer
Cannizzo Linda, Materials Manager
Catchpole Dave, Engineer/HSE
Chamberlain Patty A, Engineer
Chan Beverly, Engineer
Colbert Christopher, Petrophysicist
Cook Chris, Engineer
Coolidge Robert B, Engineer
Davidson Shanna L, Procurement/Accounting
Dennis Alan, Financial Expert
Doyle Jeff, Operations Consultant
Dykema Peter D, Geologist
Eastwood Raymond L, Petrophysicist
Engel Jordan E, Engineer
Gallagher Peggie R, Geophysicist
Garg Amitabh, Engineer
Garlasco Christiane C, HSE
Geiermann Cynthia M, Project Controls
Grether William J, Geologist
Grubb Lisa, HSE
Hall-Potnis Brij, Engineer
Helton Michael D, Geophysicist
Hunter Robert B, Geologist
Jakubczak Raymond, Strategic Consultant
Jones Hannah L, Engineer
Joseph Nancy, Land/ Project Controls
Kay Quyen, Strategic Consultant
Kiskaddon Gretchen, Geologist
Knock Douglas G, Geologist
Konkler Jonathan L, Geophysicist
Kremer Marguerite C, Geologist
Ledbetter Jaquelyn K, Geologist
Lemon R. Marty, Engineer
Livesey Christina L, Geologist
Loveland Mary J, Engineer
Maloney Daniel, Strategic Consultant
Maniaci Rodney, Well Site Leader
Massey Ryan, Geologist
McGimsey Debra H, Geologist
Mize Robert P, Well Site Leader
Morahan G. Tom, Geophysicist
Oakley Raymond M, Engineer
O'Brien-Authier Erin C, Engineer
Ochs Allan M, Geologist
O'Fallon Brian, Geologist
Orange Alicia P, Geophysicist
Osborn Louise, WellView Technician
Oswald Lori Jo Technical Editor
Parks Diana Construction Compliance
Pfeiffer James A, Air Quality Specialist
Ray Jim M, Geologist
Rietze Dan, Engineer
Roberts Douglas B, Geologist
Rupp Ken, Engineer
Sallee James, Geologist
Schlegel Michael G, Project Engineer
Schmoyer Al, Engineer
Sims Kai, Engineer
Shropshire Roy, Project Engineer
Siroky Mary, Financial Expert
Skillern Randall L, Land Man
Smith Mark A, Geologist
Stokes Peter J, Engineer
Tyler Stephen L,
Tyner Kelly H, Accounting
Van Dyke William, Engineer
Van Kooten Gerald K, Geologist
VanderWende Barbara B, HSE
Vanzant Chelsea R, Project Controls
Walsh Alexander P, Engineer
Walsh Chantal R, Engineer
Walsh Patrick, Engineer
Walsh Tom, Geophysicist
Walsh Zan, Engineer
Walters David A, Engineer
Weaver Robert C, Well Site Leader
Werner Michael, Geologist
Whitney John A, Engineer
Winslow Paul M, Engineer
Wolflick John, Strategic Consultant
Wurdeman Larry D, Engineer
Zarndt Conradine, Geologist