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our management team

Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska (PRA) was founded in 1997 by a group of five independent consultants. Currently managed by Chantal Walsh, Tom Walsh, and Chris Livesey, PRA has grown into a group of over 115 affiliated geologists, geophysicists, and petroleum engineers, among other diverse oil and gas professionals. Most of PRA's employees have more than 20 years’ experience in the oil industry, and together embody a tremendous breadth and depth of skills and knowledge.

Christina Livesey, Ph.D.

Chris Livesey, Ph.D

Dr. Livesey has over 30 years of experience working as a professional geologist. As a development geologist for Chevron Oil Company in Houston, Texas, she acted as a member of several multidisciplinary teams responsible for the technical, legal, and financial success of specific Chevron oil and gas fields.

As a consulting, development geologist with ARCO, she was a member of a team involved in the development of 3K pad at Kuparuk field. As a contract geologist working for BP and ARCO, she completed a project to identify the location and thickness of all shales in all cored Prudhoe wells and calculation of the resulting net-to-gross numbers for each equity zone in the Ivishak Sandstone.

As an adjunct professor at the University of Alaska at Anchorage, she proposed, developed, and taught new geochemistry and tectonic courses, as well as introductory physical and environmental geology courses. She was most recently involved in overseeing the operation of BP Exploration’s HIVE visualization facility. Resume

Thamas Walsh
Thomas P. Walsh

Tom Walsh has over 40 years of experience in the Alaska petroleum exploration and production industry, with a diversified background ranging from basin analysis and lease sale assessment to production well planning and reservoir production modeling."

Tom has been involved in the exploration, appraisal, or development phase of many of the major fields in North Alaska, including: Prudhoe Bay, Kuparuk, Endicott, Pt. McIntyre, Milne Point, and Niakuk. He has managed 2D and 3D seismic acquisition and processing projects at Prudhoe Bay and Milne Point.

Tom's current interests focus on 3D seismic interpretation, and 3D reservoir modeling, and he is very proficient with all the current tools available to perform this type of work. Along with Tom's extensive geoscience work on the North Slope, he has also worked many of Alaska's interior basins (Nenana, Copper River, Kandik, Yukon Flats, Susitna) and has recently been involved in Cook Inlet studies. Resume

Chantal Walsh, PE
Chantal Walsh, PE

Ms. Walsh has over 33 years of oil and gas exploration and production experience in Alaska. Chantal is a Licensed Professional Engineer, Petroleum Engineering, with the State of Alaska. She has served roles in both the private and public sectors.

As a consulting engineer, she has a diverse engineering and management background, having worked as a production engineer and well optimization engineer, reservoir engineer in both oil and gas fields, drilling engineer, and completions engineer.

In the public sector, as the Director of the Division of Oil and Gas for the State of Alaska, Chantal was responsible for all oil and gas leasing, audits, commercial evaluations, permitting and reservoir evaluations for the State of Alaska; she had a staff of 100+ employees. She and her team approved unit plans of development, approved permits and plans of operations, and managed annual lease sales in both Cook Inlet and the North Slope. She presented to oil and gas forums, foreign dignitaries and the Alaska State Legislature on oil and gas issues.