Alaska's Oil & Gas Consulting Company

why choose us?

What is PRA?
PRA is an integrated oil and gas consulting firm, committed to providing the highest quality professional consultants to the Alaskan oil and gas community. Our employees have extensive experience on the North Slope, the interior basins, Western Alaska, and Cook Inlet. We provide clients with experienced individuals to fill specific needs or with integrated teams to manage exploration and development projects.

Who We Work With
We currently have active contracts with most of the Alaskan oil and gas operators and explorers, several Native Corporations, energy/utility companies, and State of Alaska and Federal Agencies.

Our Standards
Since the company was formed in 1997, PRA has maintained the highest level of professional and ethical standards and enjoys an excellent reputation with our diverse client base, and with our employees. PRA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Our Benefits Package

  • A Simplified Employee Pension plan (SEP) - a pre-tax retirement plan, managed by Vanguard that allows our employees to manage their funds directly with online tools.  This component of our compensation plan allows for investment of pre-tax earnings, and earnings from investments also grow pre-tax.  This is an extremely popular component of our compensation plan.
  • Blue Cross/ Blue Shield health insurance plan is open to all PRA employees and families, although participation is elective, and employees who choose not to participate will have this component of their compensation allocated to their W-2 income.

    Our group insurance plan:

    • Allows employees to pay for out-of-pocket expenses with pre-tax monies
    • Allows premiums to be paid pre-tax
    • Provides quality health care coverage at a competitive price
    • Includes a Health Savings Account (HSA plan) - each employee in the health plan can deposit monies into a pre-tax account. Money in this account may be spent on qualified health care expenses (deductibles, dental, prescription drugs, eye exams and glasses, etc.). Monies in the account can be spent whenever needed; it is NOT a “use or lose” account. Deposits can be made pre-tax every year.
    • Life Insurance plan - LifeWise life insurance policy on every employee.
    • Workers’ Compensation: PRA provides Workers’ Compensation for all eligible employees.
    • Direct Deposit: Direct deposit of employee paychecks is available to all employees through Intuit.

Active employees are paid hourly (or daily) based on that employee’s contract assignment; the employee’s rate of pay is determined when a contract between PRA and one of its Clients is signed. All employees are “at will” employees, and either PRA or the employee can terminate the employment relationship at any time.

PRA operates at extremely low overhead cost, and we can, therefore, compensate our employees at a higher rate of compensation than most other similar companies.  We offer a very flexible compensation plan,  allowing our employees to maximize the benefit from their earnings.


We appreciate your interest in PRA, and encourage you to contact us for further information. Feel free to fill out an initial online application and submit your resume.

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