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seismic data

PRA Seismic Services:

We offer a variety of services for maximizing benefit from seismic data sets.

  • Data delivery in uploadable form
  • Interpretation
  • Mapping
  • Modeling
  • Quality Control and Data Management Services
  • Reprocessing Flow Design and Oversight
  • Specialized Modeling and Interpretation
  • AVO; Seismic Inversion; Spectral Decomposition; Seismic Attribute Analysis

PRA Workstation App:

  • Landmark GeoGraphix Discovery Suite
  • Kingdom Suite Geoscience Bundle
  • Roxar RMS Geo Modeling
  • Petrosys Mapping, Modeling and Data Management
  • Quality Control and Data Management Services
  • ESRI ArcView

examples of available products

seismic storms alaska
Storms seismic impedence cube
with coherency slice
Time structured map Alaska
Time-structure map
on Top Shublik Fm.
(red=shallow, blue=deep)
horizon slice scan image alaska
Horizon slice scan image on Top Shublik highlighting complex faulting
alaska time-structure 3-D
Time-structure 3-D rendering with full stack amplitude color fill
time slice storms alaska
Time slice 2192 ms Storms 3D with Most Negative Curvature shading
Top Shublik time structure e-D
Time-structure 3-D rendering on Top Shublik

Tax Credit Seismic Survey for Public Release

View tax credit data (PDF)

Seismic Data Sets

Below are a series of newly released 2D and 3D seisimic datsets that have been publicly released by the state of Alaska through the Alternative Credit for Oil and Gas Exploration (AS 43.55.025) and Tax Credit for Certain Losses and Expenditures (AS 43.55.023).

Each survey is made up of three sections: Poststack Data, Prestack Data and Support Data.
Read more about these survey sections .

We can help you acquire this data in "load-ready" condition to upload to your geoscience interpretation platform and also provide QC'ed and fully organized datasets at a discounted price.

BP Exploration Data


A total of 650 square miles of brokered BP 3D seismic data is available from Petrotechnical Resources of Alaska, LLC (PRA). These surveys are owned 100% by BP Exploration Alaska unless otherwise noted.
BP exploration data

Alaska brokered 3D seismic data
View larger version of map.

For more information on the 3D surveys and pricing contact us: or 907.272.1232.